4th of July Impressions

4th of July Impressions
As you look to the night skies this week you’ll be dazzled with the explosive displays that celebrate our liberty and freedom as an independent nation. We are reminded to recall our “birthday” on the 4th of July. Instead of candles, we use fireworks. Which is more impressive?

You can apply the same principle to your life. There are moments where you can shine and make noise to stand out and cause others take notice of you or your organization. It just takes proper planning, timing and execution.

Building Impressions is my two word description for how to have more success or do things in a way that go beyond standard or average – like fireworks over candles.

Maybe you can take a moment this 4th of July to think of a way you can better build your impressions.

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Building Impressions
A True Business Transformation Story 

“Scott Franko shows that American ingenuity is still alive and well. He and his team redesigned what it is that their company did and does while showing once again how innovation precedes growth.” 

– Bob Kierlin, Chairman and Founder of Fastenal Company

“In business is there anything more critical than how people perceive your company? Scott Franko gets it. And he changed the course of his business through the actions applied in his book. You can share in Scott’s great awaking and reap the benefits immediately.”

– Wade Swormstedt, Fourth Generation Publisher ofSigns of the Times magazine.

Learn what we did to go from a simple sign making company to one that now is a builder and creator of impressions through numerous divisions all focused on different aspects of providing creative visual solutions for brand and image. The transformation process is captured in this simple to read book that is easy to understand and to apply the same principles to your organization.

– Scott Franko

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