Which Way?

When I drive I often look ahead and think to myself how the road is much like life. We all drive ourselves to where we want to go. Each decision takes us along our roads.

Along the way we come to places that require a choice; turn right, turn left, keep straight, merge, speed up, slow down, and sometimes detour or come to a stop.

Today we have GPS right in our phones. If not, then a good wing-man navigator is always helpful. But you hold your own steering wheel and drive your own life. The road ahead of you is the one you choose – daily. To help with those choices, sometimes you’ll have to enlist some help, like a GPS or navigator.

Start with your gut, your spirit, and your mind. They serve as your compass and help keep you going in the general right direction. From there, you may want to seek advice from the right people at the right times who can offer some input that aligns with your goals. Ultimately, the good Lord knows what’s best. Ask Him.

As you drive your road, enjoy the scenery but don’t let distractions take you totally off course.