What happens when the entire team Builds Impressions?


What happens when the entire team Builds Impressions?
Business Digest ran an article in 2003 called The Moment of Truth that stated the following:

“Every interaction with a customer is a moment of truth that influences that customer’s impression of the company. And any business seeking to establish a customer orientation and create a good impression during its moment of truth must allow all employees to respond directly and quickly to customer needs. Each employee has the authority and ability to determine some appropriate action and see to it that the action is carried out, either alone or with the help of their peers.”

Wow! That’s powerful! Especially when it is actually done. How many times do you think this actually happens in businesses every day? How many people do you suppose really take on the responsibility of building impressions?

As the article points out, it ought to be a team effort in order to make the habit one that defines a business culture and become the true nature that cares for customers and results.

Building Impressions is even better when done as a team.