10 New Attributes

This year our company reaches 25 years of being in business. That is an amazing accomplishment and a great testament to the team of people throughout the years that made it possible.

Along the way, we learned lessons and applied those lessons. Some of these lessons became known as attributes that make a person, team and organization perform better and be more successful. There are ten of them.

First we focused on the core five that contribute to making a person a good employee. In this order they are Attitude, Effort, Teamwork, Skill and Experience. From there comes the development of leadership and management by applying the next five attributes by being Creative, Organized, Proactive, Reliable and Resourceful.

I personally point at these ten attributes as one of the reasons our company has come a long way from just making signs to one that is building impressions through visual branding solutions.

But like all good companies should do, we need to keep reaching for better. There’s always room for improvement through innovation, best practices, and … more attributes.

As our 25th anniversary approaches, there are ten additional attributes that I see as important to adopt and apply into our company’s culture for the next 25 years. Stay tuned to find out what they are as in upcoming Pay Notes.