Citizens Band Radio came along during the 70’s and early 80’s. With it came CB radios and the distinctive slang form of communication that took place through them, especially by truckers of the day. Remember the Rubber Duck from the Convoy song and movie?

Although CB’s only lasted for a decade and a half, they built quite an impression. They even created a unique language and vocabulary of word descriptions; a Smokey is a police officer, a Jimmy is a GMC truck and Beantown is the nick-name for Boston.

Then there are the numerical terms. Your location or destination was your 10-20. If you wanted to stop talking but keep listening you would declare a 10-10. The most popular, even today, was the 10-4 that means to affirm, agree or understand.

When it comes to improving communications, increasing the chances for success and building impressions, we can learn a thing or two from the CB talking truckers.

In order to arrive at a good 10-4 you must know your 10-20 and make the effort to 10-10 as much as possible.