Creative Concepts, Consulting, and Solutions

FrankODesign Concepts and Consulting for Brand and Image was started by Scott Franko to be resource for creative solutions to business, brand, and image through a range of services that blend his business and design experience. At the heart is a desire to help people and organizations grow and take the right set of next steps that move successfully toward goals.

Formally with US Signcrafters, Inc, a leading provider of sign and visual brand products, Scott eventually sold his ownership of the business in order to focus strictly on design and expand his brand and image services.

Today, as a creative professional, brand-image expert, designer, author, speaker and consultant, Scott continues to work with individuals and organizations by bringing them solutions for brand, image, and business by helping them define, understand, and take a next step.

Scott is a published author of five books including Lessons from a Pair of Old Gloves that was awarded an honorable mention by Writers Digest. He also writes a monthly column for Sign & Digital Graphics national trade magazine for visual communications, and his weekly popular blog Pay Notes.  He often speaks to a variety of audiences on a range of topics from his books to his experience with businesses and about how to build impressions and take next steps that lead to more success.

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